Here we are, Team Fuller. This is my world. I had a friend snap a quick picture of my family after their session. I hope to update our family pictures soon! I have to the best Husband in the world! (Justin, you know who you are. ;) Mother to the three cutest boys you've ever seen. I am so thankful all of these people are in my life. I wouldn't change it for anything! I love being a wife and a mother! I am so blessed!

I love life and love where I am! The beautiful Pacific Northwest! God has brought us to live in this BEAUTIFUL part of the country and I haven't even touched the surface of what it holds. Like many people, I got into photography when I started having kids. My wonderful In-Laws bought us a really nice camera when we got married. I kept telling myself I needed to learn how to use it, but, we just took advantage of the awesome auto functions. It wasn't until 5 years later I decided to start learning how to use it. I have always LOVED photography. I took a million pictures growing up. And, if YouTube was around when I was a kid, I truly believe my twin sister and I could have been famous by now! lol We'd be the ones making the silly videos that made no sense, because, those rock! lol

So, back to photography. I was determined to start learning how to use my camera, 4 years ago I met up w/ a local photographer who showed me the basics and the rest is history.  

I LOVE capturing people's special moments, being a part of their lives and their stories. I love the raw, candid images that speak volumes. I love seeing intimate moments between newly weds and tender interactions w/ children and their parents. I cry when I see mommies holding their newborn babies. I love connecting w/ people and making new friends. It is seriously an honor when people ask me to be apart of their lives in this special way. My goal is to capture those moments and deliver pictures that will make you smile throughout the years.

My style is a little eclectic. (Like me!) I'm still working on finding words to describe it. But, I can tell you this: I love the classic look, capturing candid moments and I strive to be proficient in photojournalism and lifestyle photography. I like my photos to be fun and sometimes a little moody and edgy. It all depends what my subject is.

So, that's a little about me! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. =)