Five of my Favorite Products I like Sharing with Friends

I wanted to take a moment and share a few of my favorite products that I use for my photography business. Not all of these products necessarily have to deal with photography, but I use them in different areas throughout my business. Some I discovered through my photographer friends, others are used at each session or make the perfect gift for my clients!

I am not the type of person to praise a product unless I stand behind it.  I sincerely love these products and would like to share them with the world. I love seeing other people discover these and fall in love with them as much as I have. So enjoy! (These are in no particular order!)

1. My Camera Bag- From Shutterbag USA

I LOVE my camera bag. This was the first bag I ever saved up for. It was so worth the investment. I actually gave it a hug when I first opened it. (#yesimweird) I was SO excited!!! It was absolutely beautiful! I love the color, the feel, the beautiful interior, all the pockets and compartments, the heavy-duty straps, and the design. It's made of leather and the quality is amazing! This particular style is the "Journey" bag. I can not wait to add the "Girls Day Out" bag in the gorgeous Peacock Blue to my collection. I get compliments on it all the time.

Another thing I love about my Shutterbag is the lady who stands behind it, Kim Young. Her customer service is amazing and she is a really down-to-earth person. It is a relatively new business with Kim taking sole proprietorship, I believe, just a few years ago. I love supporting small businesses and I am pretty sure we will see this company boom in a few short years. I wish her the best in this adventure!

If you're looking for a great camera bag, check out her page! Shutterbag

2. Sea Salt Topped Caramel Shortbread from Sugarwood

I had heard great reviews about this Shortbread for years. I actually ordered some as a gift for clients but, never for myself. A few months ago, I had the opportunity to try some of these caramels and it was an explosion of flavor in my mouth. It was some of the best caramel shortbread I have ever had! I would cut tiny slices off the one hunk I had, and savored that caramel for at least a week! I'm surprised it lasted that long. This caramel has the perfect amount of saltiness, is so creamy, has the right consistency, and the ratio of caramel to shortbread is perfect!! My husband raved about it as well. (Yes, I shared. #sharingiscaring)  This would be a perfect gift for your clients, friends and family. 

Chana Wood is the owner of Sugarwood. I have not met her yet, but when I do, I'm going to give her a big ol' hug. She is so open and honest about her life and journey, you feel as if you have known her for your entire life. She has a warm personality, and her joy for living overflows in all that she does. She is seriously the cutest thing ever. Go check out her Etsy page. Her link can be found on her blog: Sugarwood

3. Mini Cards from - The Perfect Business Card

I LOVE my business cards. They are so perfect, and these mini cards fit great in my wallet without taking up so much space! I can't recommend them enough. The company is outstanding and has great customer service. I have never had a problem with them, and the times I have contacted them for help, I didn't feel like I was wasting their time.

They have come out with a new business card that has NFC technology. People can simply tap your business card against their phone and it automatically pulls up your information. How cool is that?! It is something I'm going to put on my list to order next time. If you are interested in ordering, let me know and I can pass along my referral code!

I quickly snapped a pic of all the designs I used for my card this year. Sorry they're not straight - I wasn't feeling OCD this morning! ;) I noticed lots of kissing going on with my cards... lol =)

I quickly snapped a pic of all the designs I used for my card this year. Sorry they're not straight - I wasn't feeling OCD this morning! ;) I noticed lots of kissing going on with my cards... lol =)

4. The Dirty Goat Products

I absolutely have loved every product I have ordered from The Dirty Goat. When I am expecting an order, I like that I can smell the awesome aroma of goodness as it hits my face when I open my mailbox. (I'm sure the neighbors love it as well! lol) 

I have ordered The Dirty Goat products for clients before, and they raved about them. It's a product I believe in. You can tell the products are made with  high-quality ingredients. I personally use essential oils and I love the fact that Erica uses natural oils in her products as well. This picture is my current stock of Dirty Goat, but my wish list is long! I savor these products and am very careful to only use what I need and not waste an ounce!  The lip balm is my most treasured product. I carry it with me everywhere and keep track of it. (Unlike the other 100 tubes of lip balm that mysteriously disappear to who knows where!) It lasts forever. My friends make fun of me for always putting chapstick on, but with Tupelo Honey Lip Balm, my applications are few and far between! The bath melts and bombs are fabulous! The Sea Salt Shampoo leaves my hair so soft, and gives it some volume that makes my curls even better! And all her products are presented in such a cute manner! Love her packaging and details!

Erica Clark, the owner, is one of the sweetest people I have ever come across in the photography world. She has an unselfish willingness to help others. She has a vast wealth of information when it comes to photography, and I tease her at times, "Is there anything you don't know?!" What a bonus to discover her amazing little shop! Her spirit of professionalism and entrepreneurship encourages me to go further with my own business. I can see The Dirty Goat going far and I'm 100% behind her!  

Here is website full of Yummy Goodness:

5. Polaroid Zip Printer and Fujifilm Insta Max Camera

Who doesn't like film? I know these are not technically old school film, but they'll do for now! These two are so much fun! I use them in my personal life and during sessions. These fun-sized photos are a joy to share. Whether it's after a session or when I'm visiting friends and family, I can print off a few pictures for them to cherish right away. It's always a hit! 

I have had the Instamax for several years now. I let my oldest use it and he loves it! We like putting pictures up around the house so we can enjoy them everyday! It's also fun to snap a few images during one of my sessions so I can give the clients a few photographs to take home right away. 

I just recently added the Polaroid Zip to my collection. With my Canon 6D, I can instantly save photos to my phone and then connect my phone through bluetooth to the printer and print all the photos I want. The printer holds up to 10 photos at a time, and it's the perfect amount to have on hand. It's been a fun little toy and worth the investment.

I enjoy watching my clients reactions as I present them with a few photos from their day! It always makes me smile!

I enjoy watching my clients reactions as I present them with a few photos from their day! It always makes me smile!

I hope you enjoyed reading this. Most importantly, I hope I opened your world to these amazing products and that you'll enjoy them as much as I do! 

Take care and until next time!